Watch: Kaisee Benjamin v Shaquille Day

MTK Global Boxing TV Fight Night has published a video of Kaisee Benjamin’s stunning victory over Shaquille Day.

It’s ok, but as a ten-round contest condensed into 69 seconds of footage, the video doesn’t do the talented Birmingham boxer a real justice. 

Benjamin’s record is now 10-1-1. 

He hasn’t lost a bout since April 2018.

He won the Midlands Area Welterweight Title in November 2018 and has since defended it twice.

Benjamin after defending the Midlands Area Welterweight title in Bham.

In this, his most recent contest, he outgunned ‘The Black Mexican’ in the home fighter’s Essex stomping ground. 

Day came into the fight unbeaten. Many fight fans would have bet their garden sheds that it was going to stay that way.

Benjamin said “No.”

It’s onwards and upwards for Benjamin. This talented Midlands boxer deserves more coverage. Let’s hope he gets it in the future.

In the meantime, you can check out the vid below. 


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