(Colour Edition) What happened at Havoc at the Holte II

Colour Edition.

Conah Walker

Professional boxing was out in full force in Birmingham on Saturday as Top Boxing Promotions brought their second show of the year to Villa Park’s Holte Suite.

At welterweight, there were bouts for Sutton Coldfield’s Nathan Bendon, Wolverhampton born Kirstie Bavington, Leamington’s Danny Quartermaine and Wolverhampton’s unbeaten Conah Walker.

There was also a super-bantamweight contest featuring Belfast’s Cathy McAleer and a middleweight bout for Max Mudway.

Kevin Parker was the referee for the six-bout fight card.


Max Mudway v Jan Ardon.

Ardon’s fast hands and counterpunching ability caused concern but weren’t enough to staunch Mudway’s clever boxing nor the potency of his attacks.

Mudway utilised his agility and desire to close the distance when he needed to or get out of range when he had to.

It was an eye-catching performance from the Stroud boxer, glistened by an unanswered, eighteen punch combo during the final round.

Mudway bangs out another combination

The referee scored the contest 40-37 in Mudway’s favour.

Kirstie Bavington v Vaida Masiokaite

A similar pattern emerged in each of the four rounds contested.

If the opening minute belonged to Bavington, then the final minute belonged to her Lithuanian opponent. In the grey areas, heavy punches were landed by both.

It was, for many patches, a gruelling, swinging, close-quarters affair and when the referee, Kevin Parker announced the draw few were surprised.

Bavington on her way to the second draw of her pro career.
Both draws have been at Villa Park.

Cathy AcAleer v Teodora Hristova

Looking for her fourth straight victory, McAleer was bringing not just her wealth of fighting experience into the ring.

She was also bringing what comes with having the unique honour of being Northern Ireland’s only professional female boxer.

Both boxers boxed and moved very well. They punched their way out of the clinches and needed minimal referee intervention in what turned out to be a very clean contest and a great boxing display.

Kevin Parker scored it 40-36 with McAleer taking every round.

Hristova has to soak up a body shot as McAleer adds the points

Danny Quartermaine v Ibrar Riyaz

It’s hard to think Leamington and not think about the Fighting Turpins.

And the volume of the vociferous support for Danny Quartermaine suggests that the region’s love for boxing is still alive and kicking.

Quartermaine was making his professional debut and seemed elevated rather than fazed by the occasion.

The final scorecard, 40 -36 in his favour, confirmed that the dominant display we thought we’d seen, was no illusion.

No let-up from Quartermaine as Referee Kevin Parker looks on.

Nathan Bendon v Nathan Hardy

In this clash of the Nathans, Bendon entered the fight as favourite, which made sense given that two of his three previous wins were at that same venue.

Hardy made it difficult. He wasn’t easy to hit, fought at range and took it to Bendon, pressing forward when he could.

Both fighters fought well and had their successes in a see-saw battle that continued to sway from the outset to the final bell.

Bendon (left) sizes up the problem.

The referee scored the contest a draw.

Conah Walker v Danny Little

Unbeaten Wolverhampton boxer Conah Walker was hunting for his seventh win in this, his first appearance in Birmingham.

Little, also known as ‘Lethal’, had 86 bouts behind him. The tough boxer from Yorkshire has shared the ring with the likes of Tyrone Nurse, Terry Flanagan and Sullivan Mason.

As the final bout of the evening, the match-up was a treat to watch. Both boxers showed good form and the boxing was classy. Walker took all of the four rounds but true to form, Little made him work for them.

40-36 Points win for Walker.

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Click here if you want to watch the whole event


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