TOP Boxing Promo Ooozes class and packs a real punch.

Tommy Owens Promotions (@Tommyopro) has reaffirmed its position as one of the Midlands’s premier boxing promotors with the recent publication of its stylish new boxing promo.

Filmed on location at the prestigious Holte Suite, Villa Park, Birmingham the short video features some of the region’s most exciting boxers including former European, British and Commonwealth welterweight Champion Sam Eggington, current Midlands welterweight Champion Kaisee Benjamin, Burntwood’s welterweight starlet Sean Daly, the tough and talented one to watch at Lightweight Clayton Bricknell and many more power-packed Midlands pugilists.

It’s an action packed minute and a half of quality content produced by the excellent film maker and cinematographer Lou Murrall who also wrote and produced the short film SuperDead starring Chris Kaye and Laurence Saunders and which featured this year at the Leicester International Film Festival.

Sam Eggington with John Pegg (above)
Kaisee Benjamin in action (below)
Both boxers feature in the video produced by TOP Boxing.

Visit facebook for more from Lou Murrall or to find out about TOP Boxing’s forthcoming events. In the meantime, as a promo vid it’s just what the doctor ordered – short, sweet and worth every second of your time.

Go ahead and enjoy the promo vid below.


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